Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Think Two Products Ahead by Ben Mack

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Ben, one of the members of the Third Win Group, Heather Lynn Jergens, created a birthday greeting for you.

Yes, this is a project that was cloaked in secrecy and hidden from view. (Better than the wait staff gathering around you in a restaurant and singing Happy Birthday? Maybe.)

As the best selling author of Think Two Products Ahead you bring your expertise and knowledge into all of our lives and businesses and we are better for it.

As Ben Mack, you give us all an example of caring and sharing from your heart and soul. And you my friend, have soul in abundance. This world (and others) benefit from your presence on the planet. Keep touching all those you meet and know that we love you for moving us to think.

Shhhhhhhhh... can you hear iT? The Universe is smiling. (always)


1 comment:

Ronda Del Boccio said...

Wow, what a beautiful gift!

Ben, you have obviously touched many lives on a deep level, including, of course, my own. It is an honor to be a part of your magickal circle.