Sunday, January 7, 2007

Liquid Life Authent-O-Cast 1

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Living up to my promise, here's the first episode of Liquid Life Authent-O-Cast. Couldn't help the cheesy title. Maybe that's part of me? Time will tell. Authenticity is explored but my gut says it's still BS right now. Better. But still not authentic.

Thanks to Ben Mack for a spark of inspiration as I listened on December 23 to the last act of the first of three, three act plays. I felt joy and bliss on that call.

My result didn't involve the police knocking on my door like his did though. Give a listen to Courage Mom and the love fest shared on Ben's event. Can you feel it?

Find out more about Ben Mack and reserve your copy of Think Two Products Ahead by joining the growing family of readers at and visiting our blog community.

Andrew Jecklin, , left a comment on this blog and shared a video he created. This short film is a promotion for his interview with Ben Mack.

Take a look and listen to what a fellow blogger is doing right now by clicking here . Watch more than once because it's that important if you're an entrepreneur in any sense of the word.

Thanks Andrew for the comment and sharing your work. Very cool.

You all are invited to come on over and find out more about the first shameless self promoting, capitalist loving, revenue generating marketing group formed under the Liquid Life Solutions name. Visit the Third Win Group and leave a comment or question.

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Thank you for listening.

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