Wednesday, December 6, 2006

You Do Have a Business Don't You?

Welcome to Liquid Life Solutions. Come on in and make yourself comfortable while I tell you about what's here and why what you find here is yours to use, enjoy and share.

Hi, I'm Mark Horn and I am one of the things you'll find here most often. My intention with this site is rooted in sharing the different directions life flows toward as life seeks it's own level. The Liquid Life. My life and my stories. (Are you hearing the bird tweets and harps yet?)

Personal life, business and professional life, financial life or any part of life success. Your success, mine, and the "third win" only you and I together have the opportunity to create. I hope value is something you find here. Always.

All of the resources, experiences and lessons learned, written and spoken about here are yours for the taking.

Why you might ask?

Well, it's because everything you experience on the site is a direct result of what's been given to me. Freely passed on by others who cared enough to share themselves and give first. The least I can do is give what was given to me, and honor those who give.

Part of giving was the launch of The Liquid Life Success Show on December 1st. On this entertaining Podcast you'll hear about the life of marketing and selling from a variety of sources.

Including tools, techniques and strategies about what's working and what's not working for the solo -business owner all presented in short, content rich, highly entertaining shows you can listen to and learn from when, where and how you choose to.

December 15th marks the monthly debut of the "You Are The Expert" interview series spotlighting entrepreneurs and business owners from all walks of life. People just like you and me each doing the business of marketing and selling.

There's a little twist here from traditional interview shows though... as the host of the show, I'm not an affiliate for any of the guests being interviewd. You will get access to more usable content without a lot of advertising hype.

I'm sure you'll agree, marketers do have to market and sellers do have to sell so you'll usually hear or see an ad, promotion or call to action in all the content Liquid Life Solutions produces. It is the business of business after all.

One portion of business life I'm working on is authoring a book. Not an epic novel or anything like that yet. Just a great little book I can tie to Liquid Life Solutions and leverage as a marketing tool.

Many of the notes for this project are going to be worked out right here on the blog or someplace this blog will lead to. Here's an example of where Liquid Life Solutions may lead you...

This past weekend, it was my pleasure to listen in on an impromptu open Q & A forum hosted by Ben Mack at .

Always entertaining and informative Ben coached Ed Oakley through the "Brand Essence" Ed is currently working on for what's called a "Legend Platform". Truly one of those moments that changed the course of my business forever was being able to listen to this conversation.

Yes, it was that important and it was that Magical being part of this intimate group. To read about Ed's perspective on recieving this wonderful gift click here .

For those of you who don't know, Ben Mack is the go to person for direct response branding. Yes, direct response and branding.

His success in the big ticket world of corporate advertising is now distilled into the premier platform for bridging the gap between the "to brand or not to brand" argument in the world of direct marketing.

For business owners and entrepreneurs like you and me, no one has ever been clearer on how direct response branding fits into our marketing than Ben Mack.

The Legend Platform and the Authors Business Plan are a perfect fit if you're looking for purpose, directions and results from your marketing efforts. Superb.

Go ahead, enjoy the experience from all Ben freely gives at . You will be amazed at the Magic he has already created for you there.

All of the links in this post are non-affiliate links.

To Your Abundance...

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Andrew Jecklin said...

I love what Ben is doing. Good stuff!