Friday, December 15, 2006

A Quick Glance Over the Shoulder

Been 2 weeks since The Liquid Life Success Show started and about 9 days since the last post here. Yes. I'm finding the show taking a lot of available business time right now but the last 2 weeks have been a blast.

Executive Producing is a tough job, but hey someone has to do it. Right?

Anyway, I'm 14 days ahead on the curve and today is the broadcast launch of the You Are The Expert interview series featuring special guests, Debora McLaughlin and Juanita Bellavance of Audacious Enterprises. Thank you both for adding value and being my first business life success interview!

May I extend a warm welcome to anyone reading this blog or listening to the show because of the kind words Juanita and Debora have shared with you. Make yourselves comfortable and come back often.

Creating is so much fun it's easy to get side-tracked and hatch a bunch of other ideas... How about the Liquid Life Blues Lounge? Sounds good to me!

Back to business first though. On the marketing landscape, something I'll be involved in for Liquid Life Solutions is at least 1 business/social network community.


There are a couple of places presenting opportunities I feel comfortable with and I believe this is something to do right now. Opinion, ideas and suggestions are appreciated on this blog, on the 24/7 message line 206.666.4565 or e-mail at the address mentioned in the interview.

Authoring my book is taking an "unknown" path. Remember in the last post I mentioned Ben Mack? Well last week Ben sent Mark Joyner's Simpleology Live Learning Event (or maybe just Mark Joyner) into a tail spin with CAPTOLOGY, bots and ethics. Truly an entertaining experience. Pure artistic integrity. Or pure something.

Turns out Ben has a book being released in late January all about his expertise in direct response branding that's a perfect fit for authoring a book. Turns out too, there are a few free e-versions of the book floating around.

Anyone with a copy of the e-book open for a "Think Two Ahead" writers discussion group? If so lets talk. If not, I'll talk to myself about it later.

More later right here on this blog...

More posts, more often and thanks for the conversation.(New mantra.)


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